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কলা ভবন (Sunday evening in Kala Bhavan)

The dark of a sunday evening. A few rays of lights from ici et là, some art students are still working on their canvas.


* Where the world makes a home in a single nest


I follow the sound of tablas and reach the cafeteria area, mythic meeting spot of Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati’s Institute of Fine Arts.



Black silhouettes are devotedly watching a temporary stage, lulled by the sound of children’s singing. Like Wonderful land’s Cheshire cats, students are comfortably sitting on the centenary Sal tree’s branches. Aah – Sa – Pa… The Devanagari Alphabet balancing in the soft Bengali breeze.



Debashish, music composer, had this idea a few years back. Put the Nepalese’ alphabet into music to be sung by school-boys and girls. After 5 years of training, the kids – as the project – have grown and became lovely and amazingly professional singers.




For this show, Santiniketan based musicians accompanied them: a guitarist from Darjeeling, an esraj player from France, a Baul of Bengal… They interpreted a quite heterogeneous repertoire, from Ka – Kha – Ga – Gha song to the Nepalese version of Lennon’s Imagine and even some R&B.




This project is to be spread among schools in West Bengal. Art & education.