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Santiniketan, our Santitown, the Poet’s abode of peace in the middle of the paddy fields.

150208 Deer Park   Somehow people always find a way to surround Nature with walls, grids and greed. In the middle of natural beauty they create private spaces, parks, reserves… Who are they protecting? Who are they exploiting? 150208 Deer Park0 I would normally neither go or advertise such places. But then… one sunny winter afternoon, on the way of an art exhibit, I got curious and I gave the 10 roupies to enter the steel gate. 150208 Deer Park2

Was it the bucolic scenery? The forest’s chant? The sun’s caress?


Or maybe the local fauna.

150208 Deer Park5 They aren’t afraid of you. They stay still and look at you straight in the eyes – or in the mechanical eye of your camera – it is their territory, their home.   L1010604 2 150208 Deer Park8 And that is when you understand: the grids aren’t made for them. You’re the one locked up, surrounded, hobbled. You’re the distraction. You are the show!   150208 Deer Park11 L1010576 Of course you could not visit the place without crossing path with Lamidi, Santiniketan’s emblematic figure for animal rescue, wildlife ultimate defender and renown misanthropist. What does she thinks when she checks the fences and wires? Does she make sure there’s always a way out for them? 150208 Deer Park7 Will I go back there? Will I advise crowds of tourists to go there? Probably not. But sure, that sunny winter afternoon put a spell on me. 150208 Deer Park1