Basanta Utsav

150305 Holi Crowd1

The whole India is celebrating Holi all together, the festival of colors, also called Dol in Bengal. However, in Santiniketan, students of Visva-Bharati welcome the Spring in their own peculiar way. It’s  Basanta Utsav, a tradition started by The Poet himself.

150305 Holi Colors1


Here, every spring is welcomed with songs – Rabindra sangeet – dances – Rabindra nach – dry ORGANIC colors and, basically, without bhang, this ancient preparation of cannabis’ leaves and flowers. The ambiance is not as wild – and sometimes aggressive – as in other parts of the country but bon-enfant, both friendly and slightly childish.

150305 Holi Foule1

The festivities starts with the song ‘Ore grihabashi’ as the students dance their way into the venue.

150305 Holi Dance2

Ore Grihobashi, khol dar khol laglo je dol

Sthaule jaule bono taule laglo je dol, dar khol


Oh people! Break open the doors!
There is a spring stir!

150305 Holi Dance1

But who really came to WATCH?

Songs, dances and colors are all around, among the joyful crowd.

150305 Holi Colors3

150305 Holi Colors2


Jhaunjauro baundhono chino kore dee
Amra bidduth, amra chaunchol, amra odbhuth


We break down constraints which bind us…

We are like lightning, we are restless, we are unique

150305 Holi Colors5


And, as the restless ones washes the colors off their faces and exhausted bodies, the full moon rises.

The full moon watches.

The full moon inspires.

Happy Holi. Happy Dol.


150305 Full moon


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