পৌষ মেলা (poush mela)

Poush Mela (পৌষ মেলা), annual festival mixing folk performances, handicraft stalls, odorous and greasy food, unbridled  and rusty fun fair, is held on the Bengali month of Poush (23-25 December 2010), traditionally marking the harvest season. Thousand of stalls – selling hand made jute, silk, wool, cane, wood, paper as well as synthetic fabrics, kitchen supplies, washing machines and… laptops – pop up like wild mushrooms and a 10 000 tourists’ horde pours into our « used to be quiet » streets.

Although every year the environment cell of the Visva Bharati University try to increase the environmental awareness and limit the use of plastic, it tends to fall on death ears. After Mela, they sweep the ground and burn the non-so-eco-friendly rubbish that our éphemère visitors leave behind, snobbing those massive but so few concrete trash bins. This year, around 60 local boyscout were “offered” in order to display the no-plastic campaign and keep the ground free of the toxic trash… Don’t know if the message was heard, I’ve stepped on a lot of crap… still, it was a first (crispy) step.


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